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Ben Janin is working with companies to improve individual and team effectiveness. The firm, has a number of ongoing projects, operates in confidentiality and has agreed to the appropriate Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s).  

"Ben Janin has over fourteen years experience in the automotive and powersports industry, eight years in banking & professional services, and has spent the last five years working to Save Our Sports as a board member with the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) and the Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance (WOHVA).

In 2013, Ben Janin created the Save Our Sports marketing campaign that helped raise over $25,000 through the Colorado dealership network with encouraging marketing collateral.

In 2015, after four years of languishing, Ben resurrected the COHVCO’s print newsletter.

This experience as editor in chief and writing articles was encouraging to Ben as he learned that this was an effective way for himself to communicate and share ideas.  Over the last five years, Ben has produced articles for the following publications: COHVCO, WOHVA, ORBA, CRAWL, and ATV Illustrated with more to come.

Ben graduated with a Master’s in Management and an emphasis in accounting.  He wrote his Master’s Thesis on the sustainability of the powersports industry from a business perspective.  As a result he often writes on three P’s of Market Based Solutions (People, Planet and Profit) as well as participate in other endeavors.

Featured Articles

Asking the right questions to win

Flipped over vehicleOne can make the case that the least acknowledged advocates in our sports are the attorneys and lawyers that are fighting on our behalf as enthusiasts. They too are driven by the passion and the love for our sports, often sacrificing better paying jobs and dedicating... 

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The Path of No Return

Motorbike in landscapeFor the past decade the state of Washington has been very fortunate to have the ever-constant professional Byron “By” Stuck quietly serving the off-road community as one of our nations best volunteers. ... 

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From a Women’s and Dealership Perspective Vicki Gray is Timeless

Vicki Gray with bikeFor over thirty-three years the timeless Vicki Gray has been “hawking bikes.” Relentless in her efforts to make a positive impact on the sports we love, the always approachable, likeable and energetic Vicki Gray seems to make time for everyone. Vicki has a natural ease about herself that one might not know she is ... 

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