About me

Ben Janin

Results focused professional, consultant, contractor and entrepreneur with expertise in business development, relationship management, commercial credit analysis, organizational development, psychometrics and human resources.  Skilled at exceeding business objectives and driving revenue for respected companies through the understanding of businesses and their clients.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) AACSB Accredited
  • Masters of Management – Emphasis Accounting 3.87 GPA
  • Wells Fargo Business Banking University – Up to intermediate credit.
  • 14+ years in the Automotive and Powersports Industry
    • (Dealership, Commercial, Aftermarket, OE)
  • 4+ years Board Member of OHV Advocacy nonprofits
  • 6+ years in Banking
  • Independent Consultant and Contractor
    • Resource Associates Corporation (RAC) Platform
      • Leadership
      • Salesmanship
    • Human Resources solutions
    • Interim Roles
  • Predictive Index Associate – Psychometric Behavioral Assessment
  • Scheduled to take the SHRM-CP exam in 2018


Fort Lewis College Bachelors - AACSB Accredited

Colorado State University - Masters of Management and Emphasis Accounting - 3.87 GPA

Wells Fargo Business Banking University
Relevant coursework up to Business Essentials and Intermediate Credit

Predictive Index (PI) Associate

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T2 Team


Business Development Officer

  • An agnostic leadership consulting firm that increases revenues up to 200% of mid-to-large businesses in as little as 12-18 months by improving engagement, individual, team effectiveness and overall performance.
  • Predictive Index Associate: Certified to instruct classes on a premier human resource solution. A psychometric or Behavioral Assessment used to determine the drives of a people.

Market Based Solutions

CEO / President
  • Formed while attending Grad School, Ben Janin was recruited as an independent contractor to restore solvency, Executive Director payroll and the printed newsletter to a nonprofit.
  • Working through Market Based Solutions, Ben Janin and company are growing revenues of companies by improving individual and team effectiveness.
  • Services Include: independent contractor, consultant, project management, authorship and human resources.

Opus Bank

Vice President Client Experience Center Manager / Business Development Officer
  • Recruited to lead a team of (6) direct reports to acquire new relationships to the bank, which included business, commercial and high net-worth clients.
  • Grew deposits by $15MM in first 5 months, which was a 100% and 40% increase for Gig Harbor and Tacoma offices.
  • Respectively, this was 2nd and 3rd largest net increase when compared to the other (22) offices in the Pacific Northwest and achieved in less than half the time.
  • Grew Tacoma Deposits $13MM in 2016, post-reorganization, with a client whom was acquired in 2015.
  • Company reorganized and eliminated business-banking division.

Wells Fargo

Business Relationship Manager (2011-2013)
  • Responsible for successfully acquiring, managing and growing profitable account relationship clients that have annual gross sales of generally more then $2MM and less than $20MM.
  • Effectively conducted financial analysis and underwriting in the areas of credit, cash flow and collateral for the purpose of loans and treasury management products.
  • Continually partnered with existing customers in order to fully understand their businesses, goals and strategies.
  • Working closely with clients to plan and deliver an effective variety of products and services in order to help the customer succeed financially.
  • #2 out of 65 Business Relationship Managers (BRM’s) in Colorado within my first twelve months

Additional positions to include:

  • Business Specialist
  • Personal Banker
  • Teller
  • Consistently performed throughout career at the top 3%
    Largely all positions

Automotive & Powersports Experience

MF Designco

  • Co-Owner
    • Patented Technology
    • Nifty Fifty - 2017

Tire Distribution System (TDS)

  • Commercial Tire Sales Rep
  • First successful outside sales rep for Fort Collins location in 31 years
  • Built territory from near scratch to $1.3MM in annual sales

KTM North America

  • Field Manager
  • Worked directly under Selvaraj Narayana
  • Managed a rapidly growing quarter million dollar mobile inventory


  • Inside Sales Rep
  • Managed annual $1.3 Million Sales Territory
  • 1st Rep to sell Acerbis gear stocking order to (10) dealers

Active Motorsports

  • Family Owned
  • Kawasaki franchise
  • Rebuilding engines - top ends
  • Parts ordering
  • Washing bikes
  • A little bit of everything

Nonprofit Work

  • In six months raised over $25,000 in donations
  • Resurrected COHVCO Newsletter and done for a profit - 1st time ever done
  • Restored Executive Director payroll
  • Published over two dozen times in publications such as ORBA, COHVCO, WOHVA, CRAWL with more to come.

Career Accomplishments

  • Sold $250,000 product through the Indianapolis Trade Show - Acerbis
  • Sold (10) Gear Programs - Acerbis
  • Managed a rapidly growing quarter million dollar mobile inventory - KTM
  • First successful outside sales rep for Fort Collins location -TDS
  • Built territory from near scratch to $1.3MM in annual sales - TDS

The Predictive Index

Strongest Behaviors

Ben’s PI Pattern is extremely wide, which means that his behaviors are very strongly expressed and his needs are very strongly felt.

Ben will most strongly express the following behaviors:

  • Strongly venturesome in taking risks and focusing on the future; he's almost exclusively concerned with where he's going rather than either how he'll get there, or where he's been. Very adaptable; solves problems as they occur rather than through advance planning.
  • Makes decisions and takes action, even when there's an absence of proof confirming his decision. Comfortable operating outside of traditions, he pursues strongly innovative ideas, even in the face of failures or popular opposition.
  • Remarkably independent. Resists authority and proven, 'by the book' methods in favor of his own ideas.
  • Intense proactivity and aggressiveness in driving to reach his goals. Actively and boldly challenges the world, his business, and even others' areas within his business.
  • Strongly independent in putting forth his own ideas, which are innovative and original, and if implemented, will change the organization. Resourceful and forceful in overcoming obstacles, he vigorously and directly attacks problems; fights back hard when challenged
  • Incredibly strong sense of urgency; he's in nearly constant motion, putting pressure on himself and others for immediate results. Unable to do routine work.


  • Ben is a very independent, confident, decisive, self-starter, intense and driving. He has a strong sense of urgency, can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions, generate novel ideas, and deal with them swiftly.
  • His drive is directed at getting the things done which he believes need to be done. Competitive, ambitious and venturesome, he responds positively and actively to challenge and pressure, always sure of his ability to handle problems and people. Ben is an outgoing and poised person, a forceful, animated, communicator tending to be more authoritative than persuasive in his style. He talks briskly, with assurance and conviction and is a stimulating influence on others, while being direct, determined and flexible in dealing with them
  • He is sure of the value of his own judgments and opinions, and persistent in defending them if put under pressure to change them. He will question and challenge established company policies or systems and strive to prove in action the value of his own ideas for change.

  • More concerned with the achievement of goals than he is with the details of how things get done, Ben will freely delegate to others with loose follow-up, but with demand and pressure for timely results. Ingenious and venturesome, he will become restless and dissatisfied if required to work under close control or to do work which is routine or highly structured. Very much a generalist, Ben is more concerned with the strategies involved in reaching his goals than with specific or detailed tactics.

Management Style

As a manager of people or projects, Ben will be:

  • Broadly focused, fast moving, and aggressive in pursuit of his own goals
  • Eager to delegate details and implementation plans, leaving him to focus on new ideas
  • Reluctant to delegate true authority; he will eagerly discuss ideas with others and enjoys that process; however,his inner conviction is often too strong to convince him to change his mind
  • His follow-up is quick and cursory; Ben is likely to consider details minutiae - impediments to focusing on the bigger picture
  • Constantly looking to improve performance and ability to compete; willing to try radically new solutions and innovative approaches
  • An influential and stimulating team leader - encouraging others to look at things from entirely new perspectives;relentless in his pursuit of change and creativity
  • Direct, spontaneous, and opinionated - quick to voice his opinion of how things are going.

Selling Style

As a salesperson, Ben will be:

  • Authoritative and enthusiastic in driving the process towards the goal; a 'no-holds barred' approach
  • Motivated to keep the process moving along as quickly as possible; comfortable thinking on his feet and spontaneously removing barriers to success; focused on the end result
  • Willing to take risks; unabashedly enthusiastic about unconventional or innovative methods to solve problems and close the deal
  • Better at selling intangibles such as ideas or concepts than highly specialized or detail oriented products
  • A strong closer: comfortable taking the risks associated with asking for the business after only general discussions of what the problem is and how to solve it; not focused on implementation details
  • Driven, competitive, and independent; prefers to make decisions with unrestricted leeway and authority.

Management Strategies

To maximize his effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Ben with the following:

  • High levels of autonomy and flexibility in his job
  • Ample opportunity for expression of and action on his own ideas and initiatives
  • Variety, challenge, responsibility, and opportunities to prove himself
  • Recognition, advancement and tangible rewards for success