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From a Women’s and Dealership Perspective Vicki Gray is Timeless

For over thirty-three years the timeless Vicki Gray has been “hawking bikes.” Relentless in her efforts to make a positive impact on the sports we love, the always approachable, likeable and energetic Vicki Gray seems to make time for everyone. Vicki has a natural ease about herself that one might not know she is the President of South Sound and South Bound Honda, is a founding board member to the Washington Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance (WOHVA), sits on the Powersports Advisory Board to Honda and chairs its parts and service committee.

Given recent events, it only felt appropriate that we get perspective from a woman and dealership owner.

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Scott Jones: The Lone Wolf – Asking the right questions to win

One can make the case that the least acknowledged advocates in our sports are the attorneys and lawyers that are fighting on our behalf as enthusiasts. They too are driven by the passion and the love for our sports, often sacrificing better paying jobs and dedicating their personal and professional lives so that our community stands to benefit. Introducing Scott Jones, a true motorized enthusiast who set aside a career working for prestigious law firms so that he could “look at himself in the mirror and know that he is making a difference”.

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Mike Riley: Making an Impact

For the last decade Mike Riley has been making an impact on Colorado’s Motocross scene with So Col Racing, a race team and video production company. Most recently the once to be journeyman machinist has set his sights on a new venture, Southern Colorado Youth Development. I sat down with Mike Riley to learn more.

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Steven Marlenee: True Enthusiast

The majority of the snowmobile community is quite familiar with their “True Enthusiast” Steven Marlenee. When not working as a Vice President for an energy-centered construction company, the husband and father of a newborn somehow finds the time to tirelessly support the sport he loves - snowmobiling. What makes it all so remarkable is not just the amount of work that he puts in to benefit his community, but that Steven has found a way to make it look oh so cool!!!

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Jeff Slavens is Bad to the Bone

Jeff Slavens is Bad to the Bone – the man raised over $45,000 for OHV advocacy in a single calendar year, proving that he is one the strongest supporters for OHV recreation in Colorado. Much of it was his own hard earned money through a matching donation program that he titled “Save Our Sport”. Love him or hate him, when Mr. Jeff Slavens speaks people listen, and in this instance he put his own money where his mouth is at. Unlike many of us, Jeff has not shied away from public opinion and regularly writes letters to his customers on how we can be better advocates to the sports we love. No punches are held and the truth is spoken. This tough love has been reposted on the COHVCO Facebook page and the response has been overwhelming. A Jeff Slavens letter reaches an audience 400% more then a typical COHVCO posting at just under 10,000. We sit down with Jeff to learn more about the man, his business and what motivates him.

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