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Self-Awareness: Helping three hundred people find it!

I have witnessed and read over three hundred Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessments to professionals of all ages and levels of experience, education, skill sets, employment, and even unemployment.  What I learned is that it’s extremely important to have self-awareness and those of your teammates.

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Motocross has an Opportunity with Consumer Equity, Safety, & Sustainability

The single greatest area of opportunity for the OHV industry is for our most influential stakeholders to connect with their consumer’s equity and sustainability.  It’s no secret that the sports we love are struggling, and often we hear comments that the difficult economic climate and the more expensive 4-stroke are killing it. One can make the case that it is not so, and that rather we struggle because our comprehensive business strategies are failing. After the 2008 Financial Debacle era, USA BMX has emerged as one of the fastest growing sports in the country sanctioning over 14,000 races a year.   An industry Motocross versus BMX comparison reveals that they are doing it much better then we are, and that programs like the Kurt Casselli Foundation and a focus on tourism is how we can improve.

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Market Based Solutions

When Opportunity Meets Obligation

The OHV industry is (4) decades behind that of its threat, which is often the outdoor industry. So why is the outdoor industry so intent with their damaging initiatives and activities? Simply put, these businesses make more money when they connect with their clients through relevant market based solutions.  There is an opportunity for the OHV industry to replicate these types of activities and strategies because research indicates that it improves the financial position of the participating business. 

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Are You Risk Tolerant?

As my good friend John Jason and I rallied a pair of dirt bikes side by side on a mountainous road at a high rate of speed, it occurred to me that we are clearly risk tolerant and that we like to move fast. John Jason is the COO and heir apparent CEO to a five hundred plus person HVAC company, and I am the Business Development Officer to a fledging consulting firm. We are both familiar with a solution called Predictive Index (PI) and I couldn’t help myself from evaluating our behavioral patterns and how it pertained to us riding dirt bikes together over a three-day weekend.

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