Self-Awareness: Helping three hundred people find it!

I have witnessed and read over three hundred Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessments to professionals of all ages and levels of experience, education, skill sets, employment, and even unemployment.  What I learned is that it’s extremely important to have self-awareness and those of your teammates.

Last year, I was recruited from the banking industry to a growing leadership consultancy firm. Gone are the days of calculating debt ratios, cash flow, leverage and EBITDA. These days I am reading people, their fit for a role and their team dynamics. Is this person a fit for their job? What do the team dynamics look like? Where are the blind spots and how can they be overcome? How can communication be improved? What is the team missing? And I am able to figure this all out by using an awesome solution called Predictive Index (PI).

Now if I could just share this with Gary Vaynerchuk, Pete Carroll and the likes.


Gary Vaynerchuk reveals:

“Self-awareness, I want to I want to deliver on this message so much! If I could create a test or a drug that would allow people to become more self-aware. One potion injection. Not to hustle. Not to be smart. (But to be) Self-aware. I struggle to think about the things I am bad at, but self-awareness requires understanding both and then choosing what path you want to go through. Go all in on your strengths and don’t go where you suck at. Betting on your strengths is accepting all your shortcomings. It’s so damn important to stick to your DNA. Try to get to the point that you understand what your strengths are, you got to find your self-awareness. All your shortcomings are there for a reason, they are also there to allow you to be great. Deep in your brain, deep in your heart the moment you accept all those shortcomings is the second your life goes on the offense.”


When I think about what I have learned since joining the firm, I somewhat get a chuckle, I laugh and I almost cry with a deep sigh. Had I known then what I know now? I could have saved tens of thousands of dollars, I could have enhanced a career, and I could have helped those around me. I would have been a better husband, father, brother, son, friend, business partner and teammate.  


For twenty years of my profession life I learned that I was good at some things, and I learned the hard way that I was not good at all things, but unfortunately I didn’t know why.  T2 Team and PI have been an enlightening experience to myself and to over three hundred other people / professionals. And we can all say this with confidence!


Pete Carroll shares:

“If you want to be great, if you want to do something really at the top of your game, you got to figure out who you are, what you stand for, and what’s important.”


Unfortunately so many people spend a better part of their lives not knowing who they are and they do not have a mission and vision driven purpose that aligns their personal and professional lives. PI can assist so many people to take that first critical step in learning who they are, or in others cases confirm or reassure what people already know or suspect; that their age, sex and skillset may not be as important as to how they are hard wired.  PI can help professionals become great!

In my first at the firm we have completed PI Behavioral Assessments on but not limited to:

  • 20+ Years C-Suite Executive to the Fortune 500
  • VP HR professional of a 5,000 person company
  • VP Operations of household name brands
  • VP Operations of 100+ person company
  • HR Director of 100+ person company
  • VP HR of $1B dollar company
  • Unemployed
  • Undergrad and Grad Students


What stands out most to me about all these individuals, is that those with Extremely High Factor A’s have a no holds bar in their lives. There maybe hills and valleys but they are relentless in their pursuit of continuous momentum; even when they may have some self-doubt or their careers hit the skids, they are always at the top making things happen. For the rest of us mortals, we make things happen differently, and we too, need to have self-awareness to know our own paths.

Unfortunately, I did bare witness to limited examples of individuals either attempting to game or deny the results of their PI Behavioral Assessment. In these instances what I observed was really quite sad, which was a denied state of self-acceptance and self-awareness. Subsequently these were examples of individuals really struggling to come to grips with themselves and struggling in their personal and professional lives. Learning to love oneself for everything they are can be difficult.

Once one has self-awareness, bets on their strengths, and has a mission and vision for themselves – they become great!