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Do You Want to Save an Industry?

Problems: It’s a nearly a decade past the financial debacle era and the Power Sports industry is facing another crisis. Baby boomers are growing out of the sports, the seemingly disengaged millennials just aren’t interested and the retail supply chain is evolving. While the industry has strategically created enticing new product lines, they have flopped. Dealers are operating more then ever on less and clearly the next move among mid to large entities is to once again cut Selling, General and Administrative Expenses (SG&A).

Answers: Where are the answers? ...

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How to Save a Company After M&A

What would you do? You're the CEO of a company that has recently gone through a Merger and Acquisition (M&A). There is a new minority interest rewarded by an equity firm that has combined multiple entities, and as a result there are new board members. The new board members and equity firm are expecting a change in strategy, growth, higher levels of accomplishment, and more. The new direction has come on slow and the progress has been turbulent. This is causing confusion, uncertainty, loss of morale and motivation.

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