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How to Build a Responsible & Friendly Off Highway Vehicle Community

Step 1

One can make the case that Katelin Cook is becoming our biggest friend and advocate for Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) tourism recreation in the state Colorado. The friendly and spirited Economic Development Coordinator has been working diligently throughout the years. She is motivated by her love of community and passion for responsible OHV recreation. Katelin has accomplished so much and inspires many of us to what the future might look like. We make a phone call to Katelin to see how this all came about, how OHV tourism is progressing in Rio Blanco County and just what might the future look like.

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Step 2

The Great Outdoor Consultants are specialists in planning and design for all types of outdoor nature-based recreation. One of their most recent projects includes the Rio Blanco County Trails Master Plan; this is a plan that helps bridge OHV economic opportunity, enjoyment and sustainability to reality. I was able to catch the executive director Drew Stoll via cell phone to give us a little background on his organization and how he was able to help make Rio Blanco an OHV friendly community.

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Step 3

In a little town with a population 495 called Colville, CA something special is brewing with their Eastern Sierra ATV Jamboree. The event is California’s only ATV jamboree. In a state that can prove to be difficult to put on such events, a business and community leader has emerged. Tim Fesko is the county supervisor and local business owner who has cofounded an event that can inspire us all.

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