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Facing a slowdown in sales?

Wishing to continue the sales success?

Wishing for an effective sales refresh program for your team?

My firms Sales Leadership course is designed to teach, upgrade and motivate your sales team. This custom program is always modified to fit your teams' needs, and your industry, seasonality, sales cycle and the busy schedule of your sales team.

Some of the topics we commonly cover in the program are:

  • Success in Sales
  • Influence of Personalities and self-insight,
  • Understanding the customer's personality
  • The Buying/Selling Process
  • Prospecting and Marketing
  • A Process For Goal Achievement
  • Communication Skills
  • Discovering Wants and Needs
  • Presenting Benefits and Consequences
  • Getting Commitment and Follow Up
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Stalls

We always strive to make the program fun, and very interactive. This nationally accredited program is recognized as one of the most effective programs in the US, and it works based on Learning (through repetitive cognition), creating (audience comes with their own ideas), and execution (results start to show midway though the program).

This program can be administered as a 2-3 day session, or as a multi week program with 2 hr weekly sessions. We can work around the schedule and availability of your sales team and we integrate in-person, phone and online video meetings to reach the audience flexibly wherever they may be.