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Speaking Engagements

My firm speaks on a number of topics that can be used for HR conferences and other functions. The presentations are pro-bono, but we may ask for travel reimbursement.

Engagement Through Employee Analytics

Removing Attrition Through Engagement

Takeaway: The audience learns how to measure their corporate engagement, and to pay attention to the 4 top causes of employee disengagement.

Quantifying People

How to Remove Subjectivity Out of Hiring, Management, and Promotions

Takeaway: The audience learns how employee analytics can increase objectivity, alignment, predictability, and achievement in your human capital management.

10 Leadership Topics

Educate, Align and Discover Your Executive Team's Strengths

Takeaway: Attendees learn to use specific Leadership development topics to evaluate, gain alignment, and create business momentum in their executive teams.

Understanding Millennials

Using Technology to Develop and Integrate Millennials into Your Organization

Takeaway: The audience will gain an understanding of how to use employee analytics (technology) to integrate Millennials into their organization.

Succession Planning

Selecting, Developing, and Enabling Future Leaders

Takeaway: The audience will understand the process of identifying the best future leaders, how to develop them, and how to hand over the responsibilities.